What to Expect

What separates you from other area builders?

We pride ourselves in our ability to communicate quickly and easily with out customers. We believe our attention to detail and design puts us on another level!

What will our initial conversation include?

We want to get to know you! We’ll ask questions about you and your reasons for building.

What do I need to know before meeting with you?

All you’ll need to know or bring are any materials you have that are drawn, sketched or anything else you have seen in print that has inspired ideas.

Will you assist me in acquiring property?

We will help you identify a potential property so that you can have an expectation of what is involved in building a home on a specific piece of property.

Will you assist me in architectural and landscape design?

Yes, we love to be involved from the very start!

How often will we be meeting during the building process?

We will meet as often as you desire.

How involved in the day-to-day process can I be?

We would love for you to visit the job site as often as you’d like.

Who will take care of the interior design?

We can make recommendations of designers if this is what you desire.

Will I receive timelines? Who will be responsible for keeping timelines on track and the project on budget?

We will provide you a timeline of stages in the building process. It is our job to inform you when a schedule or budget differs from the original scope of the project.

After I move in, what can I expect from Cox & Shepherd?

Service after the home is built is crucial. It is a compliment to us if we are allowed to take care of your home. Any home will require maintenance and upkeep. It may be as simple as changing a light bulb or as complex as adding to the original structure. We want the privilege of taking care of your home for years to come!